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regular people in the shower: wash, rince and repeat
me in the shower: accepting award
me in the shower: pretending i'm filming for a shampoo commercial
me in the shower: pretending i'm in a scene of my favourite tv show
me in the shower: life problems
me in the shower: ellen is pulling a prank on me
me in the shower: showing off my mad singing skills and sexiness to the crowd of fans that isn't really there.
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anonymously tell me your credit card number ill reply with what i bought

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tumblr is the saddest on the weekends because we see who has a life and who doesn’t

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Gaga leaving ELE TOKYO Club in Tokyo, Japan. 8.14.14 HQ

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Who is she


Who is she

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When your girlfriend tries to hold your hand before marriage


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i speak four languages and they’re called horny sad hungry and annoying

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